Saturday, October 04, 2008

In a moment...

So, I was reading a blogger who I have gotten to know through the realms of work, and he writed film reviews on a website called ""...

Anyways, besides the obvious plug for his website, I was browsing, and then suddenly remembered something... I HAVE A BLOG !

Now, you know that its been a long time when you log into blogger and the entire interface is different than what you remember and it all looks so strange.

So, now that I am kinda back, I will be going away, haha ! I am heading to the interior of BC on a bit of a business trip, but also a bit of relaxation... up to stay with Cody's parents and work with some clients up there. So, at the earliest, I will be back to the lower Mainland sometime towards the end of the week, so then I will have to blog again, assuming anyone even reads this anymore. Honestly, I wouldn't blame anyone if I discovered that no one read this anymore, I have been pathetic in maintaining it.

I will also be updating the entire thing, it simply does not look like I want it to look, so if anyone has any ideas or pointers, let me know !

OH RIIIGHT... work, none of you know where I work, nor what I do... that will have to be explained later, as I have to pack, and do some work today. Sigh, even on a Saturday afternoon. Then, in a couple hours our neighbour is putting on a big cocktail party, with like 24 people, and Cody is bartending, sounds like a blast.

See all none of you when I return in a bit !

haha, its like writing a diary to myself, all over again.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mad Men

I love this show. God, I love this show.

I'm immersing my feet in a foot-bath thing, and I have an Aveda powder in it, mmmm.

I'm loving it, I've been so damned busy that I cannot write on this blog, but I think it will be good for me to get back to it, as an outlet. Anyhow, new job, and new home, and its all a lot of work and time. Very exciting though.

Will write more later, lol. God I love this show !


Sunday, April 20, 2008


I love the show. Its amazing, I absolutely love how well-written and creative it is. It centers around a medium named Alison DuBois who is a medium living in Pheonix, Arizona, who works as a contractor for the FBI, local police and other authorities profiling serial killers and murderers. She usually sees the murderers in her dreams, and provides hints and clues that otherwise are impossible to find.

I simply love the show, its awesome. The best thing, is that its based on a real-life story !

... in other news, desperate housewives is back ! So excited, love it !

I am totally Bree.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I am NOT Canadian

OMG, this is such a true statement about Quebecois.

I can't actually write too much on this subject, else I will start ranting and/or insulting people, cause I feel pretty strongly on this subject.

Enjoy !

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Back to looking...

Interestingly enough, its actually HARDER to rent things in Vancouver, than to buy... and there is a lot on the market right now, but there just isn't enough thats actually of any good quality.

Its amazing how crappy, ugly and poor quality some of the buildings are, and to think someone actually designed and built these pieces of absolute shit, especially when you look at how amazingly crappy the layouts are sometimes.

Argh, but there are some absolutely stunning units, with mountain views, and even lofts... but most of them are over $250,000... which puts them out of our price range.

This is a most aggravating process.

Thats it.

I totally have had it with looking to buy a place, its way too much work, too expensive to close, and too damned much effort.

I have decided we are going to rent a place for the next year again, I don't give a flying fuck about it anymore, its just too much wasted time of mine.

Now, we have to find somewhere to rent, argh. Gaddamit.

Also, I will have to let Cody know of this change of plans when he gets home.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

House Hunting..

... is a very tiring process.

Lol, although that being said, I am very excited about a couple of places that we have discovered today, and are looking further into.

Anyhow, it will be nice when its all over and done with, but I also have faith in the fact that its all going according to how its suppose to, the universe has an ultimate plan...

Well, besides my huge blind faith in the overall plan that the universe has, lol, it is still stressful.

Argh, I also have been working on this big assignment that I have due on Monday, and its going well so far, which is hopeful, but alas, it is also a little stressful. I wish the universe had a plan that involved someone else doing my assignment. Alas, I think that might be a stretch...

Hrm, not much else is new. Its finally warming up, thank GOD... it was actually decent and about +6 today with lots of sun... so I am happy to report there are now patches of actual green grass, and the snow is fastly retreating, yay !

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Poop from God, and other stories...

So, as I was walking to the Metro this afternoon, I couldn't help but be amazed at how warm the weather had gotten in such a short time. It was like +12 today, warm, and sunny this afternoon as I walked, it was absolutely wonderful, and all I had to wear was a sweater and a jacket, and was even warm with these layers. It was fabulous... finally some weather that was what April should ACTUALLY be.

Anyhow, so there I am walking, noticing the shrinking snowbanks and balmy weather, and I started to ponder if it really wouldn't be all that bad to live here, and that staying for the summer could be fun (just a pondering, not a serious notion or anything). Right as I was pondering while walking, what appeared to be a large 'rain drop' flying through the air, that then fell literally 3 inches right in front of my shoe. It didn't hit me, but it was right there, a big fat bird poop. I decided to take it as a close-call message from God: "if you decide to stay in Montreal, then I will sh%t on you."

Later on in the day, after attending my evening class, I was entering the Metro to go home at about 8pm, I got out my card, and was hoping it would swipe. I had swiped it earlier to go to school, but for some reason it refused to work, and the lady in the booth had seen me and just opened the turnstile to let me through anyhow (a nice Metro employee). So naturally, I was hoping it wouldn't act-up again.

So, I attempt to swipe it at the first turnstile, little red X, not a green 'check'... hrm, same with second... and third... and fourth. So, alas I went up to the lady in the booth, and asked her if I could get a new card because mine was not working any longer... alas, she just snickered and said of course it wasn't, cause its a March card. To which I replied, that of course its a March card, its March, and why on earth would there be an issue. We didn't quite see the issue between one another until after a couple attempts, at which point I realised that it was actually April 1st (something she never explicity explained), and therefore my card was old... lol. She was nice about it, and waved me through, telling me its okay for today, but to get a new card tomorrow.

Sigh, it was just kinda embarrassing, and made me feel dumb, lol. Also, now I have to walk all the way down to the bank before work tomorrow to get some cash to buy the new card, cause the damned Metro here doesn't take credit cards or debit !! Argh, its annoying to have to use cash for everything.

So lessons learned:

1. Don't stay in Montreal, its time to move back to BC, and any thoughts otherwise will anger the heavens.

2. Listen closely to what the lady in the Metro is saying, she might just have a point.